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What we manage

  • NSocial Media Content Creation
  • NSocial Media Designs
  • NBrand Photography

The Challenge at Hand

Elevating Be Beautiful Hair’s Digital Presence

The Scenario: Be Beautiful Hair entrusted us with the mission of orchestrating a sophisticated social media strategy aligned with international standards, a standard they aim to harmonise with their esteemed sister brand, Lush Hair Nigeria. Their digital endeavours necessitate a meticulous approach, focusing on captivating social media designs and purposeful content creation designed to incite genuine engagement and foster conversions.

With some great teamwork from the brand’s side as well, we are achieving just that. 

Our Solution

Following the meticulous construction of a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with the Be Beautiful Hair team, our focus has been twofold: education and strategic product promotion. Simultaneously, our in-house brand photographer has taken the reins in conceptualising and executing monthly brand photoshoots designed to encapsulate a premium brand experience. These photoshoots not only serve to showcase the products but also align seamlessly with seasonal nuances and significant calendar events, ensuring a dynamic and resonant visual narrative that runs across social media and the brand’s digital presence. Creating that quality golden thread is needed to convert consumers.

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