Something’s Brewing! Be on the lookout.

Positioning and redefining Rocco & Riley as the best good food & coffee brand.

We don’t just slap logos on things and call it a day. Our branding journey is a meticulous dance of strategy and creativity. We kick things off with a strategy process that’s so in-depth, it’s practically spelunking into the soul of your brand. We’re not here to just make things look pretty; we’re here to create a roadmap for your brand to strut its stuff in the world.

So when embarking on the branding journey, the team initiates a thorough exploration of the brand’s foundational principles. “Balanced food, catering & quality coffee to the corporate & student sectors” emerges as the guiding mantra. The focus revolves around establishing the brand as the epitome of good quality healthy food infused with humor, creating an ambiance that radiates happiness, healthiness, and heartiness. The vision? Transforming the boardroom into a playground and providing a “half-day” sanctuary for the keyboard warriors.

Guided by the mission, the team refines the brand message. This isn’t merely a food and coffee establishment; it’s a tech-savvy sanctuary where health and convenience converge, and humor is a constant companion. The brand identity takes shape with a blend of corporate wit and coffee/food puns, ensuring a touch of humor accompanies every culinary and caffeinated experience.

Transitioning into the design phase, the team weaves a tapestry of brand essence using a mix of textured fonts to resonate with the restaurant industry. The colour palette, balances freshness and professionalism, resonating with the core values of health and balance. Humour seamlessly intertwines with the textured fonts, adding a playful dimension to the brand’s visual identity.


Where the brand comes to life