Something’s Brewing! Be on the lookout.

Shifting Yelicious from just an influencer brand to a sustainable beauty powerhouse. 

We don’t just slap logos on things and call it a day. Our branding journey is a meticulous dance of strategy and creativity. We kick things off with a strategy process that’s so in-depth, it’s practically spelunking into the soul of your brand. We’re not here to just make things look pretty; we’re here to create a roadmap for your brand to strut its stuff in the world.

The main aim here was to shift Yelicious from an “influencer” brand to a self-sustaining entity with influencer backing takes center stage. Beyond the surface, Yelicious holds a profound vision: beauty and over-consumption harm our planet, and confidence-building should not come at the Earth’s expense.

Their brand values—best out of both worlds, going the extra mile, being better, and challenging norms—become the guiding principles. Yelicious aims not just to be a brand but a beacon, proving that an influencer can create a killer, eco-friendly company.


Transitioning into design, our team strikes a balance between glamour and eco-friendliness. The visual identity is crafted to be personal, professional, trustworthy, and “with a bang.” Each element conveys a sense of glamour without compromising the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The design radiates a convincing aura, ensuring that Yelicious is not just seen but remembered as a brand that combines style with a profound environmental ethos.


Where the brand comes to life