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Building the powerhouse Rooibos ice tea brand, Ooi with the aim to shake up the South African iced tea market.

We don’t just slap logos on things and call it a day. Our branding journey is a meticulous dance of strategy and creativity. We kick things off with a strategy process that’s so in-depth, it’s practically spelunking into the soul of your brand. We’re not here to just make things look pretty; we’re here to create a roadmap for your brand to strut its stuff in the world.

So, when embarking on the branding expedition for Ooi Iced Rooibos Tea, our team delved into the heart of the brand’s mission and values. The vision was crystal clear: to become the preferred local Rooibos iced tea company, offering refreshing and naturally beneficial beverages, inspiring our customers with a commitment to quality, innovation, variety, and sustainability.

Guided by the brand’s values of connection and a sense of place, our team sculpted a brand message that resonated with Ooi Iced Rooibos Tea’s essence. It was more than just a beverage; it was a cultural experience that celebrated local flavor and heritage, fostering connections and a sense of community. The brand identity was a blend of simplicity, cleanliness, fun, and creativity, presenting Ooi Iced Rooibos Tea as a playful yet professional company.

In the design phase, each element was carefully curated to communicate the brand’s uniqueness. A harmonious blend of creative graphics and a bold design style captured the essence of Ooi Iced Rooibos Tea. The visual identity served not only as a brand stamp but as an invitation to experience the refreshing and naturally beneficial beverages that defined the brand. Ooi Iced Rooibos Tea took pride in its fully halal status, catering to the halal beverage market, and in sourcing all its ingredients locally from the Cederberg region in South Africa. It was a beverage that celebrated local culture, appreciated local flavor, and did not associate with alcohol or any agenda that contradicted religious ethos. Cheers to a brand that wasn’t just a drink but an experience that transcended the ordinary.


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