Something’s Brewing! Be on the lookout.

Our part in Railways Café becoming the most renowned live music venue in South Africa.

We don’t just slap logos on things and call it a day. Our branding journey is a meticulous dance of strategy and creativity. We kick things off with a strategy process that’s so in-depth, it’s practically spelunking into the soul of your brand. We’re not here to just make things look pretty; we’re here to create a roadmap for your brand to strut its stuff in the world.

So when embarking on the branding expedition, our team delves into the core values of Railways Cafe. The vision is crystal clear: to be the epitome of a live music venue, not just in South Africa but possibly across the African continent.

Guided by their mission, our team sculpts a brand message that echoes Railways Cafe’s essence. This is more than a music venue; it’s a cultural hub where diversity thrives, community development takes center stage, and every beat resonates with good vibes. The brand identity is a medley of creativity and laid-back charm, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.


In the design phase, each element is carefully curated to communicate the brand’s uniqueness. A harmonious blend of creative graphics and a laid-back design style captures the essence of Railways Cafe. The visual identity serves not only as a brand stamp but as an invitation to experience the excitement and happiness that defines the venue.


Where the brand comes to life